Based on the novel,“La Dame aux camellias”, by Alexander Dumas about his real-life lover, Marie Duplessis, Verdi’s “La Traviata” is one of his best-loved operas. With its themes of devotion, sacrifice and confronting harsh realities, the love between Violetta and Alfredo has a tragic end. This adaptation proposes a fresh perspective to this enduring masterpiece.

“Madama Butterfly” is one of the most comprehensive and insightful depictions of any character in opera- a woman subjected to the most terrible humiliation and deceit that ultimately leads to her death. The power of Butterfly lies in the exquisite poetry of her unfailing, and unrequited devotion.

This is  a Sydney Morning Herald Spectrum Now Festival presented by ANZ

Schoenberg’s “Pierrot Lunaire”, tells of the wandering Pierrot’s many colorful experiences.This program will combine selections from Mahler’s Rückert  Lieder with two great song cycles from opposite ends of the German Romantic Song repertoire- the Wagner Wesendonck Lieder and the Berg Sieben Frühe Lieder.

This is a Sydney Morning Herald Spectrum Now Festival presented by ANZ

A young woman of noble birth is exiled to a convent after giving birth to a son outside of marriage. A sudden visit from her Aunt, the Princess, brings tragic news, which for Suor Angelica will bring either eternal damnation or redemption.

Excerpts from both Handel’s Giulio Cesare and Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra form the basis of this innovative celebration of one of history’s most fascinating leaders- a Grecian noblewoman who became Empress of Egypt.

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